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A taste of Sumbawa - Indo Kite trip

A taste of Sumbawa – Indo Kite trip – Stephan Hertig // Strapless Kitesurfing

2014-12-16 by Ju Airju

Stephan Hertig travels, explores, surfs and kites Sumbawa’s south coast

Indo lineup

Indo lineup – Tuva Jansen – Bertrand Fleury // Strapless kitesurfing

2014-12-12 by Ju Airju

Join Bertrand Fleury and Tuva Jansen at their home spot in Indonesia

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Peruvian North Shore – Wild K Peru // Strapless kitesurfing

2014-11-16 by Ju Airju

WildKPeru to be connected with the Peruvian elements

Smolder na Estrada em Lobitos - Episodio 2
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Trip in Lobitos, Peru – Celio Beleza // Straplesss Kitesurfing

2014-05-16 by Ju Airju

Anderson Santos and Celio Beleza at Lobitos, Peru. Report 1

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Colombia Trip // Strapless kitesurfing

2014-03-13 by Ju Airju

Colombia Trip at Santa Veronica