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Jalou langeree in mozambique

Jalou Langeree in Mozambique // Strapless Kitesurfing

2015-12-24 by Ju Airju

Jalou searching news spots in Mozambique

Chile Trip 2015  Part II - Maurício Pedreira and Friends
Thumbpost trip
Thumbpost trip

Trip in Chile – Mauricio Pedreira // Strapless kitesurfing

2015-04-13 by Ju Airju

Chile by Mauricio Pedreira -Hawaii of South America

Santa Marianita Ecuador Kitesurf
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Barravento Ceara Project – Celio Beleza – Gustavo Foerster // Strapless kitesurfing

2015-03-08 by Ju Airju

  Barravento Ceara Project Check out all the adventures that a Ceará kitesurf riders is living on the beaches of the West Coast of Ceara in search of waves and perfect sailing! A great adventure is happening on the West Coast of Ceará. The Diario do Nordeste newspaper and Manobra Radical blog are producing a […]

Thumbpost trip
Thumbpost trip
A taste of Sumbawa - Indo Kite trip

A taste of Sumbawa – Indo Kite trip – Stephan Hertig // Strapless Kitesurfing

2014-12-16 by Ju Airju

Stephan Hertig travels, explores, surfs and kites Sumbawa’s south coast