Last month in the town of Matanzas Navidad Chile, was held the third stage of the Movistar Kitesurf Tour 2012 in which the Chilean athlete Juan Pablo Diban Giacoman showcased the best range of his repertory, proving that is located in the Top Ten of the KSP World Tour. He keeps the podium of the Wave Master series.


 Juan Pablo Diban Giacoman. Photo :

 Podium : Raphael Tapia, Ricardo Parot, Juan Pablo Diban Giacoman, Jose Fernandez in  Matanzas Navidad


After a month of waiting for better conditions of waves and wind, the perfect day had finally arrived. After a month of waiting for better conditions of waves and wind, the perfect day had finally arrived. The coast of Matanzas showed waves of five meters high waves in the area of ​​Rock Square, which had already hosted the world circuit in 2007 and 2008.

However, Diban was not easy, because he had to fight in heats against the technical and daring ride of Francisco Sanchez, and the whole experience of Richard Parot, eternal animator podiums in the sport.

After the victory, Juan Pablo Diban indicated that "the kite in Chile is a family and each day more people are being encouraged to practice it. That will make the level rise and grow the sport however, it also made me too happy to defend my crown. I thank the companies that are supporting me and motivate anyone who wants to pursue because right now the support is very good. "

Translated from the original article written by Daniel Gajardo Torres


hird episode of the Rise Kitesurfing Podcast series Ft JP Diban and the Chilean National Wavemaster, The Movistar Kitesurf Tour 2012 in Matanzas, Chile.

Twitter @JPDiban Gracias & Thanks To MINI, Movistar, Wetfly Store, and Liquid Force for all the support!

Also Thanks, Helly Hansen,, Stoked Wetsuits, Ambig and Spy optics for the best equipment!

Stay tuned for next episode from KSP Portugal!



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