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New generation is here !Let's help Davi to get his first kite! With only 3 years old, the young Cauípe makes the show when  he rides strapless his father's surfboard, Eduardo, with a 1m foil kite. Surely, another young Brazilian talent in kiteboarding is born. Let's make a chain and raise funds for this promising young gun!

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Original article at : http://www.gokite.com.br/noticias/view.php?cod=3104


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2 comments for “Davi Ribeiro – Youngest Kitesurfer – 3 Years Old // Strapless Kitesurfing”

  1. this is excellent stuff, gotta show the kids, they'll be sickened! Well done Eduardo and Daví

  2. Davi, I wish you a whole footballteam of the best an fastest guardian angels there are in heaven. and leave that board leach on the beach :).