Ryland Blakeney is back on the front scene in this nice edit movie by Darren MacCagh, chasing mammoth in South Australia.

The adventure never ends, especially if your Ryland Blakeney! When Ry puts the word out a swell is on the way, you don't want to miss it, because it could be the ride of your life. Join the boys on a trip into the Deep South hunting slabs.

Also with Reo Stevens, Keahi de Aboitiz, Brodie Adlington and Sean Woolnough (lastest recruit in BWS Team : "Sean Woolnough is the underrated Aussie charger, he paddles into things you'd loose sleep over, but you'd never know it, cause he is as humble as they come and is just doing it for the love! ")


here's the movie on BWS website : http://www.benwilsonsurf.com/news/entry/deep-south

or under :



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