Triple S 2012 surf part in Hatteras Cape outrageously dominated by New Jersey's boys, Mark Miedama and Teddy Lyons !

Here's the photoshooting of the surf part won by Mark Miedama, Teddy Lyons ranked 2d. Congrats boyz !

Photo credit :  Andrea Pico Estrada and William Parmeter.

Teddy Lyons and Mark Miedama


Flat water and kicker session at KP, followed by another surf session at the lighthouse. The day was very similar to Day 4... Just better! Shot by: Soloshot and Nate Appel Edited by: Chris Mumford for the latest kiteboarding news for all your needs in kiteboarding gear, lessons, camps and travel Thanks to the Outer banks Visitor Bureau for their support.


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