Uprising – Patri McLaughlin – Jesse Richman – Shawn Richman – Ryan Toaspern // Strapless kitesurfing







Take a good seat to watch this ecxellent 30min mini movie directed by Rick Dobrowski

Maui Mini Movie presents Uprising. A visual story of winter 2012. From the Pro Pool to some of the sickest strapless action on the planet. In Maui go big or go home, whether jumping off the screen with massive boosts, throwing down in the pro pool or catching some bombs on the outer reefs. This is Uprising.
Patri McLaughlin –  Jesse Richman –  Shawn Richman –  Cruser Putnam –  Ryan Toaspern

If you want to donate to our next project ( all big wave action) go to mauikitebeachreport.com

Aloha and Good Luck





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