MORSELS – James Ropner, Ian Alldredge, Zach Goepel, Teddy Lyons, Brian Caserio // Strapless kitesurfing

A must watch by the movie maker Bennett Williams featuring James Ropner, Ian Alldredge, Zach Goepel, Teddy Lyons, Brian Caserio, Graham Ezzy and other windsurfers….

“MORSELS is a collection of shots that I have single-handedly filmed over the past few years. During my career on the water, I have developed a unique way of tracking athletes, giving the viewer a first-hand POV experience as to what it’s like to be on the water. This edit includes big wave, kite, wind and SUP surfing. Enjoy!” – Bennett Williams

POV and Edit: Bennett Williams
Handheld Barrel Shot: Zach Goepel
Athletes: Unknown, Zach Goepel, Teddy Lyons, Blakeney Sanford, Graham Ezzy, Brian Caserio, James Ropner, Bernd Rodiger, Ian Alldredge, Kevin Pritchard, Sara Hauser, Aaron Ernst, Casey Hauser
Music: “Ride on, Ride Out” – Colt Ford
Special Thanks: Kevin Trejo,



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  1. Jim Cotton
    Jim Cotton says:

    Wow Benny! Great shots great buddy’s ripping! I’m getting flashbacks of windsurfing Jalama and then Bang, we’re all on kites, and now the foils. Can’t wait to see your perspective on the water !


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