Loop Transition – Flukes kitesurfing

A fun trick that can help you learn to loop, plus have a good time doing it!

Let’s break down the Loop Transition Kitesurfing.



– Start riding in “switch stance” (least comfortable side, so you land on your comfortable side) 

– Go fast, – With a small pop, lift your front knee and pop the board into your front hand. (mainly just lifting your knee and getting the board in your front hand)

– Backhand stays on the bar

– Hold the kite at around 12.

– Swing and try and hover feet 1m above the water. Manage height by sheeting in and out on the bar.

– Loop the kite. When you start to feel yourself swing under the kite a little (not straight away) loop the kite back with your backhand. 

– Switch stance in the air, preparing to land on your comfortable stance “toeside”

– Land facing 100% downwind. – Edge onto heels to head back in the other direction and complete the transition.

– Actively Steer the kite down so that it does not slackline.


– Stay low to start. this allows you to land the trick no matter where the kite is positioned through the loop. You can go higher later as you learn it, but in that case, jump quite a bit higher to get the catch of the kite back at 12 before you land..

– Learn it small on a 12m kite.

– The loop part is all about timing; hold your swing until you feel you can loop it back without getting sent.

– If you feel uncomfortable coming in for the landing, simply let go of the board and plunge into the water.

  Hope it helps. See you in the next one. 

– It can also teach you how to strapless loop.

How to do a loop transition strapless kitesurfing. Loop Transition (A Strapless Kitesurfing Trick Tutorial) https://flukeskitesurfing.com/