What are 3 Strapless Freestyle Kitesurfing Tricks to Learn

If you’ve been thinking ‘what are the best first tricks to learn on your strapless kitesurfing board? ‘ this is for you!  Our recommendation for 3 beginner-friendly strapless freestyle tricks to start out with to progress your strapless kiting on your surf/kite board.

This Tutorial kitesurfing lesson is designed as a guide to reference for some of the tricks you could start learning in strapless freestyle.  3 tricks and why we recommend them. They are all beginner-friendly and progressive to take you to an intermediate strapless kitesurfer, you can start small & then work on going higher & higher.  Again, this is more of a roadmap/guide then the detailed how-to trick breakdown, but we’ll give you some pointers here and will link you to the individual tutorial dedicated to each trick.

In this video we cover:

Doing a strapless kitesurfing straight air, a strapless kitesurfing board off and a Strapless kitesurfing back roll board off. Hope you enjoy our kite tips: What Are The First 3 Strapless Kitesurfing Tricks to Learn?



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