How to Backroll Strapless Kitesurfing Tutorial

Learning to backroll Kitesurfing strapless. This video we go though the steps to doing a kitesurfing strapless backroll. This is the first version of a strapless backroll to learn.

What is a backroll? turn upwind hard, load off your back foot and let the nose rise in the wind. reach down with your front hand, backhand stays on the bar, look over shoulder, Spin around.

What makes this easy to learn is that you can complete a lot of the rotation on the water. small ones are essentially a 180, not 360.

Let’s go through the exact steps and some tips for landing it. 

Slow to moderate speed. (enough speed to lift)Look for a chop of wave move the kite to 12 (slightly in front)Sheet out. as you carve

Edge hard upwind board almost point directly upwind. To carve upwind you can sheet out to let you turn. then sheet back patient on the grab and let the board come up to you. bend your knee grabbing with your front handfix wrist. Be mindful not to accidentally steer the kite backwards into a loop. complete the rotation.put the board back under your feet there are two ways to land this. One drive the kite forward in the direction of travel or loop the kite around with your backhand. driving it forward, the kite should never go behind 12. loop, you want the kite to go behind 12 (1 hour) so that when you are landing the loop is gentle and just enough to hold you, give you speed and lean against it.

 Tip for trying this for the first time.  Better to get this backroll done on a twin tip. If you have never done a backroll, a common mistake is to send the kite back early.

So remember to maintain control of the bar by locking your wrist. Try on 12-10 m first (med powered)If you are going to loop it, don’t do it in the strong wind while learning remember to be patient with letting the board come up to you. Sheet in enough so you can complete the rotation, but don’t try and send it too high yet. we will cover that technique in the next video. don’t be afraid to let go and slide the loop out on your stomach  anticipate that you will change direction.m  Hope that helps you try and land your first strapless board off backrolls.

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