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In this video, you will learn the steps for completing the roll tack transition on your directional strapless kiteboard. The Roll Tack Transition, also called duck tack, is a way to change directions on a strapless Kiteboard or foil but more fun, smoother, and with more style than a traditional tack. The roll tack, starts with a strong carve upwind, turning the board all the way around to point in the other direction. At the same time you roll under the bar, much like you would for a backroll. That means to complete the roll tack you need to switch your feet and ride the other direction on your heels. To do so, your board will change direction by 180 degrees, while your body changes by 360 degrees.



The key takeaway’s for a roll tack on a directional kiteboard.

1. Start a strong carve upwind with moderate speed

2. Sheet out with the bar to allow you to move upwind.

3.a. Carve the nose of the board until its almost pointing the other direction (between upwind and back in the other direction) this will begin your rotation and the board rotation

3.b. Sheet in enough so that the kite will hold your weight

3.c. At the same time, rotate your body under the bar much like a backroll until you are facing almost downwind again

3.d. at the same time, begin to drive the kite down with your “new” front hand

4. switch your feet by sliding your front leg backward at the same time place your back leg in front of where your “old” front leg was.

5. Transfer your weight to “throw” your shoulder toward your new front leg.

6. Make sure the kite is doing a power stroke

7. Put your backhand on the bar to catch the kite

8. ride off in the other direction The roll tack is a great transition move to get because will help you with other skills, kite control and more. It can take a bit of practice, but the main thing to remember is to fly the kite. The kite should always be a fluid movement with no pause at 12. You should be driving the kite back in the other direction. While focusing on that might pull you over the nose a few times while learning… ultimately will help you get the roll tack sooner because you will be getting pulled out of the trick with some power, so all you will need to do is work out the board (which is the easy part if you do the kite flying correctly)

Learning to roll tack/duck tack is best done on a bigger kite with a good amount of power and steady wind conditions. To learn the duck tack you want to be able to rely on the kite so its much easier if the kite will hold you up, and you don’t get any gusts that pull you around ie lift up, or drop you, right when you needed the kite to hold you.

In underpowered conditions, you need to be more aggressive with the kite and in overpowered conditions, you can do it all slower.

I hope that helps you learn to roll tack! as always have fun out there and remember to check out our website for more news, tips, courses and more.

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