How to Jump Higher – Flukes kitesurfing

This video is all about getting more height out of your kitesurfing jumps with the strapless board.



Using our body to drive up. Trying to maximise the power of the kite, Grab with your front hand and, control kite with your backhand, landing loop the kite at the perfect time to land with speed pointing downwind where you can continue. If you are new to jumping at all, watch this video for the basics of the board-off jump.

There are 2 ways to get more height with your kitesurfing jumps:  a. be powered to almost overpowered with the kite. b. send it off a big oncoming wave to chop. It’s best if you can do both and ride powered on the kite and look for a wave or big chop to launch off.

Break it down: The Kitesurfing Jump launch.  Ride powered. look for a good ramp, Kite moves toward 12 but not past Use both hands on the bar, sheet in. Push the board up into the wind, and count to 2 before grabbing the board. Reach down with your front hand. try and grab next to your front foot, or in the middle Flying through the air and controlling the kite.

Fly with your backhand. (wrist driving slightly forward)Holding your kite steady at 12 or in front of 12 is important to flying comfortably. You will feel a swing as you get higher.

Landing the jump. All about timing the loop. Loop the kitesurfing your backhand before you reach the water. Land fast, pointing downwind. The loop explained., shootout, slide my hand, crank the bar in, and tight. the Tighter you loop the kite the less power it had, and more above you (lifting you up which is what you want). The higher you go the earlier you will need to start the Landing loop. Prepare to land fast. Lean back slightly 

Final tips to jump higher with your strapless kiteboard. Using the apparent wind to hold the board. load of the backfoot, go off the ramp and compress legs up With both hands on the bar, try and count to 2 before getting the grab with your front hand. Not to let the kite go past 12 because by using the backend, it’s hard to then fly the kite forward again. also as you jump higher it’s good to have the kite slightly in the forward direction of travel as that will help you jump longer distances. With the kite at 12, you can go high with not too many issues (crashes) If you are going to crash, simply throw the board away. This kite-flying motion also lets you fly a longer distance. To jump high, you have to want it. don’t self quit by sheeting out. Sheet in and go up to max right kite power.  How to Jump Higher.

Strapless kitesurfing Lesson

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