How to kitesurf: Board off 360 – Strapless – North Kiteboarding Academy


Watch as we show you how to do a Strapless Board off 360. This in depth tutorial is packed with loads of tips and tricks, brought to you by the all-new North Kiteboarding Academy. If you’re confident doing a Backside Air with a Grab, then the Board Off 360 is for you. Start by carving the board upwind and fly the kite up to generate decent lift. When the kite is above you it’s time to pop off. The harder you pop, the easier it will be to grab the board, so kick down hard with your back foot and pull your front knee up and in. Try to avoid leaning down and forward to reach the board as this will disrupt your balance. Wait for it to come up to you, this will make the grab much easier. Aim to grab the board slightly behind the middle as this will make the spin more fluid. To complete this move it´s important to lean back and bend your knees and hips. This will give you more freedom and space to maneuver the board infront of your body. Use your front arm to initiate the spin. You can stabilise the rotation with the toes of your front foot. Grab the other rail after the board has rotated 180 degrees and add some momentum for the rest of the spin. As you approach your landing stabilize the board with your feet. Land downwind and steer the kite down to regain power and speed. Let´s remember the key elements: Pop the board high so you can grab it easily Grab the board slightly behind the middle for easy spinning Bend your knees and hips and use your front foot to stabilize the board through the rotation. Enjoy your ride with North Kiteboarding Academy