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Pesqueira Beach – Celio Beleza

Celio Beleza sent us this report of a surf session at Pesqueira Beach, Taiba.

Thiago Accioly. Pic by
Gabriel Paula
Ygon Maia. Pic by
Gabriel Paula
Celio Beleza. Pic by
Gabriel Paula
Celio Jamil. Pic by
Gabriel Paula
Jamil Farah. Pic by
Gabriel Paula
Rafael Forti. Pic by
Gabriel Paula

At one end, sidewalks filled with stories. In the other, inns and beaches bathed by magic waves. But go without haste, because the road that connects you to Pesqueira beach, in Taiba, deserves many stops.

The heart of Taiba, retains the slow pace of a small town from within, with locals playing domino and watching tv with the doors open.

The daily life of the fishing coexists in harmony with the heavy waves of this period. Many may not have heard of the name of the place, but have seen some image of its perfection, in days that neptune is in a good mood.

The bodyriders Célio Beleza, Jamil Farah, Rafael, Forti, Thiago Accioly and Ygon Maia, did an incredible session, with that Indonesian look and a shallow reef, dream for any wave sportsman. Here nature is always in tune with the great universe!!


Célio Beleza



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