Kite Safari Brazil – Downwinds along a neverending coastline on the north-east.

The list of kitesurfing destinations in travel guides grows day by day, but Brazil is always at the top of every list thanks to its geographical location and constant winds which blow side-on-shore from June through to February. Whether you are a freestyler, a wave rider or just a beginner, Brazil has all you need to enjoy and improve your strapless technique. One of the best ways to really enjoy all this paradise has to offer is joining a downwind Kite Safari with which you will discover a mind-blowing 1200km of coastline downwinding spot to spot while discovering completely unspoilt beaches, hidden spots in-between sand dunes and great wave riding along the all the way.

Freeride Kitesurf, the specialists in tailoring unique kitesurfing holidays offers you the opportunity to join this unforgettable experience. They run five different Kite Safaris in the northeast of Brazil; five different routes where you’ll get the chance to explore various parts of the long stretch of windy coastline. Here we highlight the best three trips for strapless wave riding:

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Kite Safari Routes for strapless kitesurfing:

1) Rio Grande do Norte – From Pipa to Galinhos – 12 days – Dates: end September to end October

The distinct spots that you find in Rio Grande do Norte offer an excellent variety of conditions when it comes to kitesurfing. In Pipa you’ll get to ride the best waves of the northeast of Brazil. On this Kite Safari you’ll get to know the top spots in the state and you’ll discover a vibrant and rich culture in every village.

2) Classic Kite Safari – From Cumbuco to Jericoacoara – 15 days – Dates: July to February

Wave riding in this kite trip is perfect to improve your technique. During the downwinds you’ll find fun 1.5m waves and in top top kite-wave spots like Taiba, Paracuru or Guajiru, they can get more serious!

3) Discover the Wild North – From Barra Grande to Atins – 12 days – Dates: July to December

Enter the very lush and exuberant north of Brazil. You will cross the biggest delta in the Americas, the Delta of Parnaiba, a river mouth with hundreds of little islands and breath-taking landscapes where you will find completely unspoilt wave spots. You will end this trip in the village of Atins at the foot of the Lençois Maranhenses Park, land of endless lagoons and wave spots. Prepare yourself for an exiting experience!

To learn more about these Kite Safaris and about strapless kitesurfing in Brazil, check out .

You’ll find all the information you need about every kitesurf spot there, the different Kite Safaris they offer, and everything necessary for a mind-blowing kitesurf adventure.