This wave roads, the 3d part of Celio’s trip in Peru

Wave roads

Taking in their baggage different life stories, very different professions and a desire in common: travel to sports paradise with surfboard. Leaving behind the daily routine, Celio Beleza, Rafael Forti, Thiago Accioly and Felipe Militão, traveling towards Negritos region in northern Peru coast.

The Negritos region is an amazing place with an extraordinary culture. They believe in the power of the Pacific Ocean, which protects all residents of the coast. The waves are perfect condition and can increase and thicken in a way that only experienced riders take a chance because carelessness can throw you against the reef, rocks or piers.

There is nothing close to the points, only a few wooden houses survive in the single street of the village, one underbrush and dry, and among the perfect waves way the rocks we saw deserted and unspoiled beaches.

The near Negritos options are the best and most varied in quality and wave size:

El Golf: Considered a classic point break, work more consistently in the months of May to June, as the south swells are more constant. The winds begin to blow here around 10 am and are prevalent offshore.

Providencia: Excellent point of lefts and rights, offers waves up to 6 feet, perfect and tubes. In the early afternoon the onshore / side increases, favoring sports moved by wind.

Mal Paso is a peak full of heavy and large waves, in the right conditions we can see tube and maneuvers sessions. It has a bench that mixes sand, stone and reef, with a pier abandoned to his left, making the dangerous surf, especially at low tide. The offshore wind is much weaker than in other points, leaving surf or sail more adrenalizante and restricted to riders with some experience.

The days were intense work in and out of the water and when night falls are literally exhausted and it’s time to meet the guys at the dinner table to enjoy delicious healthy cuisine of northern Peru, in addition to reviewing the wrathful images taken during the day.

After twenty days exploring the rugged and unspoiled Negritos region, the hour of departure, but with the mission accomplished certainly and we’ll be back next year for sailing and surfing, getting to know more and more the Peruvian coast fantastic with its distinctive beauty.

Photo credits Luigi Borgo

CAPITAL: Lima city;

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sub-tropical dry;

TEMPERATURE: Between 25 and 38 with two distinct seasons – wet and dry;

DRINK: The most representative is pisco;

CULTURE: Results of the fusion of different cultures, especially the Inca and Spanish;

RELIGION : Catholic ;

MUSIC: In the coastal area the most heard is the Vals Criollo;

ICON: The hairless dog, which is often called the dog of the Incas;

POLITICS: In recent years has alternated periods of dictatorship with democracy, with the current Presidential Republic;

Points explored: El Golf, Providence and Mal Paso;

BACKGOUND TYPE: Mixing sand, stone and coral, with pieces of abandoned piers;

EQUIPMENTS: Size kites: 07 to 12, much depends on the day and wind position. Near El Golf beach wind is stronger. Mal Paso beach tends to decrease. For SUP wave ideal is to boards ranging from 7’2 ” to 8’0 ” and the Surf board 5’10 “to 6’1”


Water Temperature: cold Well ranging from 16 C to 22 C;

BEST TIME: We can say that is area is very constant, its coast receives all kinds of undulations and winds in all seasons. From March to July (wind and waves) and from December to March (waves);

IMPORTANT: Smart Stay with many Peruvians in the water, respect them because they can be quite boring.