Sahara Rights 2 – Afonso Fernandes // Strapless kitesurfing

Afonso Fernandes, the youngest rider of the VKWC, shows his skills on the Sahara rights at Dakhla.

Again I have been to Dakhla for competing in the first stop of the VKWC wave competition. Two weeks of wind and waves at fantastic spots, as well as the kindness of the local people contributed to how much I enjoyed my stay in Dakhla.
Also it was great to see that Marocco has an environmental consciousness and is putting a lot of effort into protecting the wildlife of the desert.
Being the youngest rider ever to try to qualify for a senior wave tour was very special and motivated me a lot. And in the end… I made it!
After qualifying with a 1st place in my trial heats, my goal was achieved! A whole year of work paid off and I’m incredible stoked to be competing in this year’s VKWC tour.

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