BEST WEST – Afonso Fernandes // Strapless Kitesurfing

This video is a bit of my daily sessions here at my home spot Guincho and some nearby like Ericeira, Carcavelos or Peniche. These are some of the westernmost waves of Europe and I’m very lucky to have them almost every day.

The Atlantic waves are heavy and sometimes you get some really nice side shore winds to surf.
Being a goofy foot rider made me soon realize that I needed to learn how to ride with both stance for both sides, because our winds are typically coming from North or NWest. It was also soon that I understood the freedom feeling of strapless riding and all my Surf videos are 100% strapless.

I love the feeling of testing new boards or kites. My Stubby Pro is very loose and was designed for small surf, however in this video you’ll see that it works well in bigger surf.

I really like to be in the ocean because it gives me positive energy and contact with nature. I try to be there every single day even if just for some minutes and this video is a small resume of that.

Hope you guys enjoy it!



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