The Indo Mie Series: Kite Campur – Stephan Figueiredo // Strapless Kitesurfing

Stephan Figueiredo never stops moving. Now, he’s off onto his next adventure – “The Indo Mie Series.”

We start this one off somewhere in Sumbawa, Indonesia where barrels are always breaking, and if the wind’s bad for surfing – don’t let it get you down, because it sure is perfect for kite surfing. Culturally diverse and chaotic all at once, Indonesia is a playground for surfers. By taking ferry boats, crossing from one island to another, driving among 10 year olds piloting scooters, and with anything from a chicken to a goat crossing the road, you’ll most definitely find yourself somewhere where the waves are perfect and there is absolutely nothing to complain about. That is, until you land that unfortunate Nasi Campur on the road that keeps you in bed and in the bathroom for three days. Being the globe-trotter he is, Stephan still claims that Indonesia is home to the world’s top waves, and has the most perfect kite surfing conditions he has ever seen. He surfs until the wind goes wild, and then kite surfs until he drops. The next day he wakes up, presses the repeat button, and goes at it again. Not a bad place to be stuck in Groundhog Day, is it? Filmed, edited by: Luiza Campos Additional Footage: Stephan Figueiredo Itamar Guimarães (Orige Pictures) Kite-surfed by: Stephan Figueiredo Using: Blade Skinny Boy 6M 5’4” Fun Model Annesley surfboards MCD

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