Quiver Me Timbers ! Stephan Figueiredo // Strapless Kitesurfing


Stephan Figueiredo is a professional surfer (and kitesurfing with Blade Kites). After 10 years of traveling, he boarded a plane to Indonesia with only one piece of luggage. No board bags, no extra fees.

Nigel Annesley is a shaper out of Australia, and he had a plan. Over the phone he excitedly told Stephan that he had shaped him 16 boards, all shapes and sizes, for him to test drive in Indonesia.

Stephan was skeptical, after all – this is any surfer’s dream. Could it really be true?

Shortly after arriving in Indonesia, shaper and surfer went to retrieve the boards and embark on the mission of their lives. 2 months, 16 surfboards, and endless waves and barrels. Both realizing childhood dreams in their professions.



A short film by: Luiza Campos

Stephan Figueiredo – Surfer
Nigel Annesley – Shaper

Additional footage:
Stephan Figueiredo
Itamar Guimarães
Nigel Annesley

Edited by: Luiza Campos



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  1. Lulu
    Lulu says:

    Stephan Figueiredo is also a professional Kite surfer! Which is awesome to see him to both sports and where he gets his kite surfing skills from. Thank you for posting!!


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