Robe Easter Classic: Martyn, LUXE #thefutureispointless // Strapless Kitesurfing

Some footage of the Robe Easter Classic 2014 grabed by Maurice Windley featuring Martyn Bone. Held from 18th to april 20th in South Australia the event is about 3 days windsurfing, suping, surfing and kiting competition organized by Onboard store.


LUXE SURF arrives into Australia. The future is pointless.


Luxe Surf is born from the desire to explore a different design paradigm and provide a unique set of riding characteristics to its customers.  Traditional design can put limitations on ones riding and can deny progress.  Luxe Surf is the brainchild of Ian Ponting who has previously designed for the larger brands in the kitesurfing industry and has been responsible for groundbreaking surf board designs, accessories and twin tips.  Luxe Surf is focused on the future
The Luxe Range consists of three diverse surf shapes.  Ranging from the Quasi traditional HP to the Ultra Modern Hydro and the retro futuristic ‘The New Black’.  The designs all feature elements of hull theory and are coming from the concept that micromanaging water molecules is serious work.
A pioneering construction complements the design.  Specific treatments of laminates and sustainable materials will give the boards feel and durability that is unparalleled.
Luxe will transform the way design and feel are defined.  The goal is to provide unparalleled design and service to the discerning surfer.





More pics about luxe surfboards :

and pics of the competition here :



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