Surfsols, strapless progession tool – Jason Sturdevant // Strapless Kitesurfing

What ?

A velcro deck and boots to turn your feet into gecko leg.

Similar to the modern traction pad/deck used on shortboards, SurfSols traction top is applied to your board. A front and rear pad are strategically placed on the board for optimal functionality. But what really takes this product to the next level, are the booties. The custom designed booties stick to the traction tops, securely fastening the surfer to his/her board for unparalleled experience.



Who ?

The brand SURFSOLS launched by  Jason Sturdevant, the product designer in San Diego, California.

Learn to surf better. Stick Your Trick!


Why ?

a simple and effective fastening system designed to enhance your surfing experience. This is the ultimate training aid for surfers like YOU!  Learn to surf better, with more style, and with more confidence.  Learn to surf period! Ever thought a short board was out of your league? Transition from longer surfboards to shorter setups with ease. Learn to throw a back flip, air reverse, or chop hops.


To learn more about the system, watch a little clip in the kick starter page. Jason needs your help to start the SURFSOLS project


Enter Kickstarter Surfsols






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