Slingshot T-Rex review – Bertrand Beauchet // Strapless Kitesurfing

Slingshot T-Rex Review by Bertrand Beauchet


Slingshot T-Rex review  – Bertrand Beauchet


Hi Bertrand, can you Introduce you?
Hi, my name is Bertrand Beauchet , I ‘m 32 years old, I live in the Bassin d’Arcachon in France, which allows me to sail both flat and waves.
I surf for about fifteen years and I kite for 7 years.


Bertrand you recently start to ride a strapless effective serious injury, explain us what happened .
Last year, I was in Brazil for a month and I broke my finger in a freestyle trick with boots on the first week .
I thought at first it was nothing, I made a break of a couple of days and I came back to the water only for surfing. I tried again Twin Tip but handle passes were too painful.
Back in France, I went to see my doctor because my finger was not moving anymore ( in folded position). Radio, verdict : bone tearing with early consolidation. Emergency appointment with a surgeon. No surgery but exercises 3 times a week with a Physio and I was banned from freestyle for a moment.
So, I spent all winter riding strapless on my home spot and two weeks in Cape Verde in February before I came back on a twin tip. Now I’m riding both styles.



What was your gear set up before the test of the Slingshot T- Rex?
In the early time I used my surfboards, after I had a Ben Wilson 6’2 Slingshot, completed by, after 2012/ 2013, the Pit 5’11 and Celeritas 5’8.

Here’s a raw video on the Celeritas at my homespot, Biscaros, France :



Tell us what are your size requirements and the sailing of the test.
I tested in various wind conditions : On, Side-On and Side Shore, 12 knots, 15/ 20 knots and 20/ 25 knots.
Waves from 50cm to 1.20m and flat water.

What is your feeling on the first T- Rex?
It is an easy board , no need time to adapt , tacks and jibes are easy, the volume is well distributed .


After Few hours on it, what is the positive and the negative ?
Freestyle is a real treat.
The shape allows you to go in the 2 directions, landing a 180 shuvit and keep on sailing fins out is really easy
It goes well in chop and does not saturate in high speed.
In the air the board remains sticked to my feet. For no grab rotation… I do not know for the moment.
After 2 weeks of intensive use, no signs of weakness except an unsticking pad. Solid board construction but a bit heavy in return.
The board is revealed better from 15 knots. ( the Celeritas is better in low range ).5 fins boxes allow customized set up to everyone.


5’4 Slingshot T- Rex , tested in 3 different set up:

3 fins : the center fin is smaller than the other 2, snaps are easy, making the board very playful
Bottom turns need to stick frankly the rail into the water to avoid spin out and to loose control.

4 fins : better to go to upwind, the grip is better in the bottom turns ( this is the most versatile set up to me).

5 fins : Very large grip, the board is like on a rail but doesn’t forgives mistakes.


What are the ideal sailing terms to use the Slingshot T- Rex?

Slingshot T- Rex is better in side-on and on-shore, 20 knots on flat water.

Would you recommend to buy Slingshot T- Rex and why?

Yes, I would recommend to purchase this board because of its ease of use, durability, and character .


Some shots with Bertrand’s Lady, DD Nut, testing out the T-rex :