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Bertrand Beauchet sent us a report and a video about his trip with Delphine Macaire earlier in the year in Paje, Zanzibar. Waves, Wind, white sand, lagoon…a beautyful country.


In Zanzibar, there are two windy periods, winter from mid december to mid february (left hand wave) and summer july and august ( right hand waves). We chose the first one to get away from winter in France and to shoot left hand waves.


We rent a room in a house at only five min from the spot and a box to keep our boards and kites in a kite club on the beach, very practical ! That’s where we met that pretty she-monkey.


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We took our first breakfast in one of the restaurants faced to the spot with a sick point of view. We had all our lunches there for 5-10€. (Also open at night).


In the morning, the wind is side-shore and turn to side-on in the afternoon. During our stay, we had all of kind winds : overpowered with an 8m some days to light wind with a 14m.

From Paje, to reach the wave spot, you need 5- 10 mins sailing. Be carefull at low tide, the reef emerges from the water. The stronger is the wind, the bigger is the swell. Hollow at mid tide, soft at high tide and from 3 to 6 feet, waves are still accessible. If you find it too big, you’ll always find a smaller section to ride easy.

Our mates and guides, Pinpin and Nico from KiteAcademy showed us an amazing downwind. (that you have to do) from the restaurant the Rock to Paje. You’ll need 20,000TZS (10€) for the taxi.


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In the big lagoon, at low tide the water is flat, perfect to have a freestyle session in twintip in the morning. Take care with your fins 😉 ! At high tide, it’s very chopy…so good to ride warm water in a board short !

Our program twintip in the morning, surf kiting at the beginning of the afternoon and strapless freestyle before the night.

We loved to go in the village to buy fresh and good vegetables, Chapatis, the local bread or taking the Daladala, local bus, to visit monkeys spots or going for a drive with a taxi in Stone Town to find spicies and vanillia pod.



We went to the north east coast with mates…very surprising, it’s really popular : bars, hotels, restaurants full of tourists. Beaches are beautyful with nice sundowns, kids playing football. Unlucky, no wind to kite there !

There’s a big contrast between the luxurious resorts, making you forget that Zanzibar belongs to the Third-World, and how local people live modestly in small houses or shacks, without water and electricity. Some of them sleep outside.

Even if it’s a muslim land you’ll find alcohol and especially beers to drink to our good sessions.

Don’t forget to bring with you an efficient sunscreen, the sun is very strong, and some tablets to avoid traveller’s tummy…never drink tap water !


bertrand beauchet - delphine macaire by Flo


Since she started kiteboarding, Delphine has always dreamt of going to Zanzibar…this year the dream came true! Kiteboarding in paradise, it is possible!

Bertrand filmed Delphine doing some freestyle in the lagoon. Nice action and editing work.

Thank you Bertrand and Delphine !

Thanks to Slingshot, KDC and Mystic



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