Flying On Water – Cynthia ”Cynbad’ Brown // Strapless Kitesurfing



Here is the latest video of Cynthia ”Cynbad’ Brown.

Cynbad told us the link between the Americas cup footage added to  the shredding action on Firewire Vanguard board :

There is a bunch of Americas cup footage, as my Brother in law is the designer/engineer for the Oracle’ wing. These boats are the most amazing things on the water. Truly pressing the envelope of possibility, speed, and design. Much like FireWire’s Vanguard is for kiting. I truly believe that every kiter will want a vanguard once the kite model is released.  It is hands down the most fun board that I have EVER had under my feet. I have tried the “ersatz ” models by other brands, and they don’t even come close with feel or performance. There is so much technology ‘under the hood’ of the Vanguard that it is totally worth the wait.

Thanks Cynbad !

If unseen, have a look on our FireWire Vanguard review here :





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