Texas Trip 2014 – Ian Alldredge – Patrick Rebstock // Strapless Kitesurfing

Ian Alldredge


Patrick Rebstock


The Engine harness boyz, Ian alldredge and Patrick rebstock testing out altimeters on BWS and Slingshot gear. Sick backflips !!!

A TDZ / LTD co-production. Tony Modugno, Ian and Patrick behind the lens.







3 replies
  1. Duh
    Duh says:

    when r u trust-a-farians going to just man up & admit that 90% of your videos are filmed at J***** Beach. you always call is somewhere else but it’s the same shots at the same place. look at any pic of J***** on line & you’ll clearly see this is where they film.

  2. Ju Airju
    Ju Airju says:

    Hey Duh,
    please respect the video title chosen by TDZ. I clearly understand that you could be annoyed by the mix of the names, more over if San Felipe is one of your favorite spot or if you want to develop activities at J*****.
    The location is not fundamental in the video, peace on earth and keep on shredding 😉

  3. David
    David says:

    These guys are trying to do the promotion of the sport without exploiting the actual spot. If you can’t understand that you are a total non-surfing kook. I have a huge respect for the way they are doing it. Shut the fuck up. Thank you.


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