Underwater Audio – Waterproof I-Pod Test // Strapless Kitesurfing

Underwater Audio – Waterproof I-Pod. Check out http://www.underwateraudio.com/


What ?

  • Apple I-Pod Suffle 4th generation, 2GB waterproofed by Underwater Audio.
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Hundreds of songs
  • Long battery life
  • Strong clip keeps it attached
  • Small and drag free
  • Control your music with just a click
  • Voice Over feature allows you to navigate while keeping your eyes on your sport

Underwater Audio Waterproof I-Pod


How ?

From the outside no difference between Normal I-pod and the I-Pod treated by Underwater Audio.  I-pods are sealed with glue in the Apple factory. Underwater Audio managed to create a seal without opening the shuffle that is what keeps its integrity. Interior electronics are protected by several proprietary steps that ensure waterproofing material. It’s quite an achievement.

To be sure of the process, Underwater Audio tested the I-Pod 200 ft / 60 m deep in salt water. Even under this intense pressure, their process that creates seals shows no failure signs or water intrusion.


Further, the headphones were plugged and unplugged 800 times in salt water with no damage.



What you get ?


  • One pair of 100% Waterproof AQS-02 or Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones
  • 3 sets of different sized earplugs for a more personalized fit
  • 1 extension cable to lengthen headphone cord ( 39” /1m)
  • Hours of underwater audio listening


What you get


How to use it ?

You must download I-Tunes, available for PC / Mac, plug your I-Pod to your computer, synchronize it with your playlist. That’s all! Enjoy your ride.


The review :

First, I tested the Underwater Audio I-Pod at the cable park in a wake session with an helmet that covered my ears and the headphones. The I-Pod was clipped inside my wetsuit prolonged by the extension cord. Even after serious wipe out on the kicker, Skrillex was still with me, nothing has moved except a couple of vertebrae.


Whoooooohoooooooo !


After a long waiting period and 72kts registered at the next cape (above 72 kts the anemometer doesn’t work anymore, hahaha ! ), I touched at least decent wind conditions to test the Underwater Audio I-Pod, kitesurfing strapless on a surfboard with the same fixing as I used in the Wake sesh but no helmet. I’m not Mister Spock or a Rastaman…nothing else my tiny ears and a Kelly Slater’s haircut to wedge the headphones.



The Swimbuds headphones that shipped with my review sample gone off two or three times in a one hour session after big face plants in the water. It’s not easy to re install the swimbuds with one hand at the same time as you have to control your kite and the board.


That’s why, I would recommend to purchase the Waterproof AQS-02 Headphones much more appropriate to resist to solid wipe out with an ergonomic shape, molded to your neck.


AQS-02 Waterproof Headphones


Quality of sound.

The sound is not the best you can find among headphones but it still absolutely correct. Waterproof headphones are known to loose a bit of quality sound by the waterproof device itself.



The Underwater Audio I-Pod is very simple to use.

On the edge : One button to switch on and select the shuffle/order play. The voice over button allows to hear the name of the current track and artist and to select playlist.


Underwater Audio Waterproof I-Pod – Clip and buttons


On the face : classic play/pause, sound and track control.

A large useful clip to attach the I-pod if you wear a neoprene or a tee shirt and complicated if you ride bare-chested.


Underwater Audio Waterproof I-Pod – Play/Pause – Sound/Tracks


What I like.

Easy to handle.

Can be plug or unplug in the water.

2 Giga to store good sound or other files.

Usb Charger.


Waterproof Underwater I-Pod Suffle is $149  and Headphones $30

I recommend you to visit Underwater Audio where you will find other options and all the products. Purchasing  the Waterproof Underwater I-Pod Suffle with  AQS-02 Headphones is a good deal.




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  1. RideZeBigOne
    RideZeBigOne says:

    salut, je crois qu’on s’est croisé hier au pdb… si t’as vu un mec avec un lycra orange fluo, c’était moi 😉

    Tu distribues des stickers “straplesskitesurfing” ? j’en ai vu sur plusieurs boards mais les les proprios avaient eu leur boards d’occaz avec ce sticker déjà collé.

    Bonne continuation pour ton blog, je suis abonné et j’ai toujours hâte de voir la prochaine vidéo ^^



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