Hectic drop at Teahupo’o caught by Tim McKenna

Gnarly barrel at Teahupo’o with Justine Dupont and the skydiver boogie boarder Tupuai Alvino 🙂

Justine’s words : “The vast majority of surfers in the lineup had alternated between one and the other. When the opportunity came with Tahitian legend #Poto Vetea David, I took it to go tow a few waves. I didn’t surf the first one well, I found myself in front of the tube 😅 I’m happy with the second one, I got a better line (I’ll post it soon). And then there was this one 🤷‍♀️ The wave looked really cool, I took my line and saw the bodyboarder turn around and paddle. I hesitated whether to go straight or jump off my board and finally I thought that maybe I could avoid it 😅 He touched my arm, it was super close but I could make it😃 He told me he was sorry and hadn’t seen me. It’s part of surfing and there are no problems👌🏼 The main thing is that neither of us got hurt. Thanks to all the locals for the encouragement and the good vibes 🙏🏼 Thank you Uncle Poto 🤙🏼 See you tomorrow in the lineup.