Kite in the House – Celio Beleza – Thiago Accioli // Strapless kitesurfing

Celio e thiago

Make a trip to catch wave is always amazing, no matter if you go through some or many miles to get to a beach and find them, even if they are not always perfect.

It feels amazing surfing, in its many forms, with friends and then sit facing the beach, completely amazed, to thank those unique moments.

And with this purpose the Celio Beleza and Thiago Accioly boardriders, are always looking for those moments in the Brazilian coast, which has paradisiacal points and usually receive the riders with perfect waves, appropriate to the practice of kitewave.

Who has always been to document these kitewave sessions in 2014, was the Vitor Soneca video maker, from Adrena Productions.

Our search is eternal, for it comes from our soul, keep searching we’re already imagining our next kitewave trip,

Aloha. Celio





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