Zanzibar “All In” an other Kitemovie – Marcel Glaser// Strapless Kitesurfing

This summer i spent my time on the island Zanzibar. In three month I explored the island around Paje. The main kitespot. Zanzibar is really amazing. The landscape, the culture and the people are impressive. It was a huge experience to take pictures and film shots for my new video Zanzibar “All In”. The name of the video actually says everything. I combined the life, the culture and the kite action to show you the beauty of a kitesurfers life.

Camera & Edit:
Location: Zanzibar, Paje
Rider: Marcel Glaser
Song: Elliot Moss – Slip

Equipment: Panasonic Lumix GH4, 12-35mmf/2.8, 35-100mmf/2,8, DJI Phantom II, Gopro 4 silver, FCPX, Motion

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