Hawaii: Kona Winds – Stephan Figueiredo // Strapless kitesurfing

This was a truly strange season in Hawaii. Instead of the normal Trade winds, the North Shore was raided by all sorts of different winds, predominantly Kona winds.

One rainy, windy and horribly stormy day, fed up with nothing to do, Stephan Figueiredo decided to go out and brave uncharted waters and make the Kona winds work for him. And you know what? It actually worked.

Kite Surfer: Stephan Figueiredo
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Blade Skinny Boy 6M
Annesley Surfboards 5’7 Bluebird
Bar 399

Filmed by: Luiza Campos
Edited by: Luiza Campos
Stephan Figueiredo

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