Run – Hendrick Burgers – Sivan Oz -Hannah Whiteley // Strapless Kitesurfing

Starring the talented Blade team riders – Hendrick Burgers and Sivan Oz and guest starring the amazing Hannah Whiteley…

Radical thanks to Yaron Barlev at Blade for such amazing support and patience and also to the three riders for letting us drag you in the swamp mud for days…. Love you….
Massive thanks to everyone involved! Peace, love and smash it harder from Radical Kitesurf!




Another ART project by Broken Head Film
DOP Zoya Klientova
Produced by Radical Kitesurf and Blade Kiteboarding
Massive thanks to Enrico Van De Lar

Directed by Mark Bristol
Music: Rolling Stones – ‘Paint It Black’

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