Live the Peruvian Experience and the longest wave in the world with  WildK Peru ! I asked Axel Natali, the boss of WildK, how good is kiting on the Peruvian Northshore.


map of ancora

Hi Axel, you are settled down in Peru on the Peruvian Northshore, can you introduce you and WildK Peru? Why this name Wildk?

Hi Julien,

My name is Axel Natali and I settled down on the north coasts of Peru about 6 years ago. I dropped there making the globe map spin during a sabbatical year. And the first thing I saw when I arrived were those very long and tidy lefts, and the possibility of riding them alone!


The Peruvian North Shore is an isolated desert bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the first impression that comes is wilderness: a sort of Latin wild wide west, but still virgin. It is not exactly the typical palmtrees postal card but another aesthetics more singular and addictive. The north shore landscape is the beast beauty and the beast: an empty and austere land alongside very rich seas. Situated at the confluence of two ocean currents and hemispheres, on the western point of the continent, those seas are fecund either in terms of sea life or swells.

Tell us more about the services that WildK Peru offers? How many people can you receive?

The idea of our journeys is to offer exclusivity, not necessarily in terms of luxury features but it terms of people: just being a happy-few to enjoy magic conditions: 4, 5 persons maximum per group, enjoying a good ride most of the time alone all together.


What is an ordinary day with WildK?

Our trips are 100% customisable so when you travel with us, we make suggestions but the guest is free to organize his own timetable. However, if there would be an ordinary WildK’s day it would start with an early bird wake up: jump out of bed to greet the nice waves right in front of your room for a surfing or stand-up paddling session, then do a yoga session to clean the rust off the body and smoothen your surf style. At 11h / 12h we go on a kite trip on the best spot depending on the conditions and desires, with the possibility for you to get a video wave coaching and/or a photo shoot. Then we come back to Mancora between 18h/ 19h and you can choose between relaxing, massages, going out on the town, having dinner, one or 2 pisco sours (the local cocktail)…



I must also highlight one point: the food. The palate’s pleasures take a big place in our journeys! Peru offers one of the finest and most diverse gastronomy of the world and the north coasts has plenty of seafood to offer, flavourful plates and recipes, the famous ceviche being one of them. We bring you to the best restaurants during kite trips and in Mancora.

Are there other accommodations to stay?

Mancora has a very wide offer of accommodations. We have selected the coolest hotels and suggest to each of our guests the one that best meets his desires and budget, from the most economical to the most luxurious.

mancora lodges and Private houses for rent

When is the most favourable period to touch good winds and waves on the Peruvian Northshore? What is the weather like and the gear you recommend to bring ?

Waves are coming all year around and we have a long wind period from May to December, there is no better period for waveriding, even though I would say that December offers less choice in terms of kite wave spots because of the austral summer north swells. The weather has been elected as one of the three best weathers in the world: just take a hoodie for cool nights sometimes.

If I would have to recommend one size, it would be a 9m. I would just specify that from May to August we use the biggest size (up to 12m) and from August to December the smallest size (7 m), for a standard man weight. As for wetsuits, bring a shorty, but also a 3/2 for when we go on the southern spots and there is a south swell, as the water temperature can decrease quite a bit.

Do you rent material if we want to travel light?

Yes we do rent last generation material, Liquid Force kite gear plus Firewire for the kitesurf boards.


FireWire set

Where are located the best well fitted spots with strapless riding ?

All the spots where we go are perfect for strapless riding, 50% of the spots are side-on wind and the other 50% with side-off. The Peruvian Northshore spots are relatively safe, especially if you come with us 🙂 : sand banks, no rocks, (no sharks) most of the time with stable wind except in Lobitos. The majority of the people do not use straps and nor a leash.


What can we do around Mancora ?

In Mancora, you can relax, try a new restaurant everyday; there is a lively night life too. The other activities are: diving, snorkelling, fishing, sportive fishing, massage-spa, horse riding. It is a very good destination for both singles or families.

Anything to add?

There is no doubt that Peru is one of the most consistent spot in the world for kitesurfing waves, if not the best! And fortunately it is not so easy to reach. The majority of our guests come back, which makes us the most happy, sharing good rides with worldwide waveriding addicts. By their quantity, their length and their energy, the North Shore Peruvian waves give you the time and the unique opportunity to forget the kite, so yeah ride it strapless, hookless, leashless, wetsuitless… and ride cool, even if you rip 🙂

Thank you Axel!

Some shots of Axel in the local sailing conditions on FireWire and Liquid Force followed by a video at  Mancora & Cabo Blanquillo. Featuring Alain Mnz, Axel Natali, Antoine Kotliar. Camera & Photography: Malena & Cato




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Axel will design unique kitesurf journeys specially for you, to be connected with the Peruvian elements.