Ibiraquera – South Brazil Trip

Elisabet and Hans Victorin scored good kiting conditions in Ibiraquera, Brazil past November. Here’s their report.

Find action videos at the end of the page with Mauricio Pedreira, local ripper at Ibiraquera.

Brazil has long been on the bucket list to visit for kitesurfing in waves. When I got the invitation to attend a conference in Brazil in Foz do Iguaçu early November 2019 we started to ask around where to go for the best waves and winds that time of the year. We got the recommendation from two independent very good kite surfers : Jalou Langeree and Arild Kristiansen, founder of Surfskolan Varberg and Fone Sweden dealer. Both told us to contact Mauricio Pedreira who does lodging in Ibiraquera close to Imbituba, one hour driving in the south of Florianopolis.

We contacted Mauricio Pedreira, the owner of Fun House Ibira and got an immediate very positive response and that it was the perfect time of the year to score good wind and waves. Fun House Ibira is not a fancy place, but you have all you need including a skate bowl and a lot of space for doing yoga or just relaxing. Fun House Ibira is located close to a lagoon and it was nice to take a morning SUP or if you are wave surfer there are several fantastic spots 5-10 min away.