The Golden State Series Finale: SFO – LAX – Luiza Campos – Stephan Figueiredo // Strapless Kitesurfing

SFO – LAX is the final chapter to our “Golden State Series”.

We live in a world where traveling has become easy and quick. Catching an airplane from one country to another is a matter of a couple of hours. With all this rush to get “somewhere”, we often forget that between arrival and destination lies a world of adventures and mystery to be explored.

Stephan Figueiredo and Luiza Campos spend some time traveling the Californian coast surfing, camping, and exploring along the way. There they find places that are still preserved where one can camp underneath a clear, starry sky, surf alone, and run naked on the beach.

Sometimes the best path to finding treasure is by searching in your own backyard. No wonder they call it the “Golden State”.

Filmed by: Luiza Campos
Stephan Figueiredo

Edited by: Luiza Campos






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