Fun Around The World – Stephan-Fun-Figueiredo // Strapless kitesurfing

Waves take you the paths that you may or may not expect. The surfer Stephan “Fun”Figueiredo knows this and has focused his career in heavy  and tubular waves, especially Pipeline. Have an outstanding performance in the Hawaiian wave can have a great impact on the world of surfing and he knew it. Careers take off or sink there and in his case, took a nice flight.

This video brings not only the wave of the North Shore of Oahu, but also other spots in Hawaii, Northern Peru and Indonesia. It’s a wonderful job, that shows just how versatile is Fun’s surf style. The photo, colors, images, tubes, maneuvers and everything else on this video is really inspiring.

Press play and follow one of the most charismatic free-surfers from Brazil, Stephan « Fun » Figueiredo through wonderful places around the globe.




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