Make my Day Australia – Jeremie Eloy // Strapless Kitesurfing

I am pleased to announce the launching of episode 8 of my serie MAKE MY DAY. It was shot last february in Western Australia. Tourism board said : “Australia is an exceptional destination for lovers of  great outdoors. It is the largest island in the world, unlike any other country. ” Well. They did not lie. Not at all. 3000 miles later, what they wrote was confirmed : Indeed, Australia has no limit. There, we followed the exact same rules that for the previous MAKE MY DAY episodes :  No map, no schedule, just a lot of connections to the website Windguru ( and a few brochures found at the airport too). 1 month later : Here is a crazy adventure through the huge fields of the Wheatbelt ( people call it “breadbasket of Australia”), a story marked by unique encounters : The Aborigines told us their secrets and culture, their traditions, their fears, their hopes. We got lost in wild ghost towns, looked for gold miners, kited in big shorebreaks and even wandered in Karri forests… Karri being some of the tallest trees in the world, 90m high Eucalyptus specie. Stop now guys. Stop reading. Click on play and watch. Cheers. You wanna more? Leave a comment on this page and try to win a brand new board North Kiteboarding WAM 5’10 (first prize), a board short pro model Jeremie Eloy, a hoodie and a tee shirt by Picture Organic Clothing (second prize) and a pair or Kaiser sunglasses by Julbo (third prize). Drawing lots April 25.

Music: Radical Face- Black Eyes  if you like the song you can download it here Credits :  Wanaii films Filmed by : Yves P, Jérémie Eloy Edited by : Jérémie Eloy Filmed with a Canon C100, Go pro HD3+







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