Airush Clinic – Gustavo Foerster and Celio Beleza // Strapless Kitesurfing

Celio Beleza


Gustavo Foerster


Airush Brazil Meeting

On days 14, 15 and 16 June, the Cumbuco dealers the National Meeting of the Airush. The event gathered athletes, retailers and fans for the presentation of its new products.

The Airush is proving to be one of the fastest growing brands in the country. The flowshop Brazil and his team are responsible for this action. With a structured plan of distribution, a good marketing vision and investment in the area, the brand has hit the entire Brazilian coast, offering quality products for wind lovers.

The meeting convened in Cumbuco dealers around the country, who had the chance to meet and test equipment to give their policies for purchasing set for this year.

The event was also held a clinic for kitewave with Airush / ION riders Celio Beeleza and Gustavo Foerster. The main points of the Clinic were strapless sailing, kite handling tips, adjustments and was well accepted by the public. The plan now is to make this clinic a national event, you must follow to the main wave points.


Celio Beleza

Set Texeira commanded the freestyle show, featuring incredible maneuvers on the beach to give the public.

The program was intense with product presentation, test drive, clinics, downwinds, and a nice barbecue at the headquarters of the event.

Gustavo Foerster


Windtown all rolled in one of the best points of Cumbuco and has the support of Airush.

Follow some photos of the event and stay tuned for lots of news still comes around!!

Pics by Bruno Nogueira, Paulo André and Gisa Paula





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