Trip Matanzas, Chile – Celio Beleza – Anderson Santos – Alberto Junior // Strapless Kitesurfing

Part 3

Kitesurfing: Culture on the coast of the Incas

In the Smolder On the Road, beyond the scope of sailing and surfing waves coldest of South America, the group also has the mission to know and understand the local culture.
The region of Matanzas is a place of contrasts, a sparsely populated with amazing natural landscapes to see and visit with delicious food, a fish-based, with a Incan culture, Hispanic and Aborigine.

The local gastronomy is varied by its fish and seafood in abundance. In this region it is customary to eat out in groups of friends or couples. The food is usually synonymous with patache, pot at the table of plenty, almost as much as the table on which will always have a chair. Their main dishes are fried conger and paila marine, which adds all kinds of seafood, it takes time, patience and appetite to sample everything.

Gastronomia Chilena


Celio Beleza – Pupuya


We woke up bright and early today it went sailing in perfect lefts Pupuya beach, which has smaller for sports with surfboards in the region. His wave is formed near the mouth of the Rapel river which is surrounded by high cliffs and protected by huge rocks and reefs. The wind here comes from sea to land, and can get some points on the side of the wave, getting around 25 knots all day.

After sailing we went to the cultural aspects of this place with two residents of the region, Magaly and her husband Juan Francisco. They commented that the Rapel river brings life and sustenance to the region since the times of aboriginal Promaucaes, who were the people before the Incas, to the present day. No wonder that the ancient civilizations built their cities in your mouth. The material they used to make their buildings were of adobe, a brick made ​​of a kind of sandy clay, which had the signature of the person who did. Due to the El Niño phenomenon and all the rain that was during those thousands of years, these buildings were crumbling.

After an intense day of sailing and culture, it’s time to light a fire to chase away the chill that comes with dusk strong. We exchanged quick clothes and went to sit around the campfire, which is on the hotel terrace to have dinner. The menu of the day was grouper fish with tomato cherry and rice. We dined overlooking a magnificent sunset and facing the surf of the Pacific Ocean, the moon appeared on the horizon, as if watching a movie in three dimensions.

As forecasts indicate that the ocean will again get big waves and strong wind, we will rest monday and tuesday and thursday from the action will start early and strong in good ripples that reached the coast of Matanzas.

“The camera maker Livia Melo said that the scenery of this region is unique because the natural features and animals give an international air to the point, we seem to be in a place uncharted and inhospitable.”


Célio Beleza


Part 2

Kitesurfing and Surfing in cold paradise.

After 10 days in the region of Matanzas we are already used to the day-to-day ice this coast and drawing plans of how to be our next explorations kite and surf points.

Saturday came the paraibanos Alberto Junior and Lívia Melo, completing the entourage Brasilian Northeast this great adventure at the base of the Smolder on the Road.

Alberto Junior

Roca Cuadrada

The sea will continue providing good waves and we were instructed to follow for Roca Cuadrada. This point is located north of Matanzas Bay, so always have more wind than the other places. A mountain of rocks next to the coast and make a deep canyon the wind getting stronger and more consistent for practicing sports powered by wind, like kiteboarding. At first glance, the place looks scary, because of the rocks and corals, but when you’re in the water, it is very hard to avoid them when entering and exiting. It is a wave of businesses worldwide. Starts rolling in front of a square stone and goes to a huge bay. On the way, there are three places where the waves are perfect for maneuvering. So you can make at least three good performances. Of course once you go to the end of the bay enjoying the wave, will have to return one or two kilometers walking the earth, because the budget (back against the wind) will be super hard with the sharp outline of the coast.

“Equipment and psychological aspects have to be frequently being checked, because here is a joke for us big, says Alberto Júnior ecstatic with the fury of Roca Cuadrada.”

“Anxiety waves is visible on the faces of the athletes Northeastern, seeking to overcome their limits every wave, reports Célio Beleza.”

Later we went to the beach Pupuya, where we have two attractions of nature: The perfect waves for smaller sports to board, formed near the mouth of the river Rapel and colony of Sea Lions.

Often appear several Sea Lions here, that sometimes follow the kitesurfers playing “who comes first to the beach.” I confirm the story, because I saw some appear close to where we sail.”I went back to the outside when I saw in the distance a huge head Sea lion exactly behind some giant kelp. I could not believe, very angry that vibe! After a few moments, seeing the attitude of the animal, only bother to get the first wave.”

The presence of these mammals is advertised distance, the noise they make and the strong smell that the wind brings to us.

To get us closer we have to follow for a rough road, jump the rocks to get to where we can closely observe these animals, indifferent to our presence, huddle lazily on a rock in front or swim in the choppy waters of the Pacific.

The next few days promise big adventures this ocean in fury!!!

Pics By Lívia Melo and Lili Suarez. Written by Celio Beleza




Part 1

Chile: “Earth” from icy waters

After a day on the run between connections at airports and problems with equipment orders, I and Anderson “Galego” dos Santos arrived at the base in Smolder on the Road in Chilean land: Region of Matanzas.



Matanzas is located southwest of the city of Santiago, situated between high cliffs that form huge panoramic points on the Pacific Ocean. Small towns and rural tradition of some pine forests are the neighbors of Matanzas. The village is a long street running alongside the ocean, with houses built of wood, which allow them to look at the sea. Only about 300 people live year-round in this place, charming and modest, making it a perfect escape from the bustle Chile, or the crowds of the more popular beaches.

Here the sea is a permanent landscape. In the area we are in, the characteristics of the permanent tides and winds with great strength, causing waves to left quick, tubular and with huge rocks in the background. Your input is very difficult and dangerous because it has several rocks and urchins, but the pleasure is guaranteed.

Matanzas swell


In our first contact, the sea was perfect to acclimatise to the reef and the waves. A meter firmly seated on the bench, which by the way is very shallow! We got some ripples in the morning and went out to warm us, because we are more than four hours surfing. The sailing in the afternoon did not disappoint, great waves and a wind that reached 30 knots. This possibility to surf good waves in the morning and afternoon, harness wind to sail kitesurf, which was more marked in that first contact, as in other parts of the world it is very rare to happen.

Stay tuned, that anytime we come back with reports of this great adventure!


Célio Beleza




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