Olas y Vientos – Trip Chile|Peru – Celio Beleza // Strapless Kitesurfing


Olas y Vientos – An adventure through the beaches and delicacies of South America

In addition to the ski stations in Chile and the Inca ruins in Peru, there is another good reason to pay a little visit to our neighbors: kitesurf and surf. The two countries bordering the powerful Ocean Pacific, which ensures the regularity and constancy in the frequency of waves and winds.

The beaches of these regions impress with super icy waters and amazing looks, where you can sail or surf seeing the coral bottom. The potential of the waves and the wind force leap to the eye. This coast makes you feel nature filling everything around. The sea, the animals, the wind, the sun, the exuberant visuals, everything is complete and the desire is to integrate everything, plunging nature and that part of it as just another element in harmony with this scenario.

The search for paradisiac places never ends and always come back from a trip most culturally rich, full of great stories and memories. These adventures that step together with friends in unfamiliar places, dangerous or exotic makes me happy, sisterhood is one of the best things about this lifestyle.

Aloha, Celio Beleza.



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