Switch Kiteboarding – Element 3 – All Terrain Kite // Strapless Kitesurfing

Looking for all round performance that you can lay it on the line on any terrain. Let the Element3 take you to new horizons.

With the Elements new powerful profile we have increased the low end for those marginal days on the water, land or snow. Its increased wing tip size has improved stability allowing effortless control in gusty conditions, giving it a big thumbs up for teaching someone the basics to nailing your first handle pass. With the introduction of stronger and also lighter materials the Element3 is built to withstand the daily punishments that Mother Nature may hand out. A hardwired bridal system allows for a direct bar feel with instant depower on command making it effortless to demolish any wave in your sight. The user friendly 3 strut design gives the Element3 a compact feel that allows for instant water relaunch.

If Simplicity, Performance and Versatility is what you are looking for go no further. The Element3 is here

More here : http://switchkites.com/element3.html





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