vader tail

The Vader a Tomo Shape by Firewire.

Watch Felix Pivec playing with the Vader in Oahu, Hawaii.

About the Firewire Vader 5’1 – Test by Julien –

I’m 80 kg  for 1m87 (176Lbs, 6.2ft), the Vader 5’1 is my lightwind weapon (tri fins set) to complete the 5’3 Anti by HBsurfkite in my quiver. The Vader is perfect to rip in small to head waves with speed, comfortably. The hull on the tail allows snap turns in cut backs, slashing on the Vader is very easy. This is an advantage that you have to control in your bottom turn to avoid a wipe out at the worst moment. You will need several bottoms to find the limit and the right balance between your front and back foot. You need more pressure  on the the back to keep a total control of the carve in a bottom turn than with a Vanguard 5’2 or a Hb 5’3 Anti.

Jumps, The Vader sticks to your feet because it’s very light and he durability is extreme if you never land flat ! I’ve landed very quickly my first no grab inverted backrolls on it after many attempts on a classic shape board. No nose is very cool to control your rotations.

Upwind tacks : the Tomo MPH (Modern Planning Hull) makes easy to ride upwind, the difference with other boards in this category is stunning.


You will find more about the Vader and the Vanguard in a test  by Cynthia Brown and Brian Friedmann.