Insane kitesurfing – Trip in Lobitos part III – Celio Beleza – Anderson Santos // Strapless Kitesurfing

Insane kitesurfing

Photo credit Guiga Rey

As the sea will continue providing good waves, woke early today and we were advised to follow for a beach near Lobitos perfect for kitewave. This secret point, we can´t say the name because the natives requested, is located to the south, so always have more wind than other places. A mountain of rocks next to the coast and a deep canyon make the wind getting stronger and consistent in the first two sessions of the wave and gust in the end. At first glance, the place looks scary, because of the rocks and reefs, but when you’re in the water, it is not too hard to avoid them. Depending on the waves, one of them may spring out of nowhere in the middle of the water, Gluc. As the wave rises too fast, the rider does not have time to think. If he misses the drop, will be hurt full!

Perrengue in the waves

As in any action sport, accidents are common over there, dropped my kite in the water in front of the coral reef and rocks, which perrengueee! “The waves was a little big and presented itself with perfect formation. The first contact with the water was rather odd. In the fall the wave generated enormous pressure threw me down and against the reefs. I felt at that moment a fear that made ​​me have more respect and care for this wave. Already a usual: riders that seeks challenges and not get hurt in corals is not riders. It is certainly not a suitable place for beginners because the wind onshore/side combined with a “reef runway” and sea urchins, are very dangerous inputs and outputs, and cuts the feet are inevitable. Thank God I managed to escape unscathed to exchange equipment, especially the fins, which were uprooted by clash with the stones. After 4 hours of sailing we shivered with cold, his feet and hands were going numb, not feel safer to drop the waves, it was time to leave. I believe that all the waves went down that day paid off this huge adrenaline rush, it was a magical and memorable session where only I, Anderson Santos, Rodrigo Gill and photographer Guiga Rey made ​​head turns in the classic, fast and barrels waves, was awesome! “

“Anxiety by the waves is visible on the faces of riders who seek to overcome their limits every wave, so it is good is always checking equipment and psychological aspects, for here is big joke to us, the photographer Guiga Rey tells.”

Smolder on the Road, beyond the objective of sailing and surf the waves in this region, the team also has a mission to know and understand the local culture. The riches of the land and the cultural diversity of the Lobitos region make it a place of lush and varied cuisine. The warm climate that covers his entire coast offers the discerning tastes of our practice sports with surfboard a variety of fish and seafood that enchant their palates. Among the main dishes have the ceviches and sudados that combine marine species with acids, peppers and herbs that provide fresh and intense flavors. Red meat lovers can enjoy the tasty lamb, whose creation is the region itself.

Aloha !

Celio Beleza

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