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Portugal Heat Draw Is Set; Art Auction Starts // Strapless Kitesurfing


Cascais, Portugal – May 31, 2012: Professional kite surfers from 18 different nations have arrived in Cascais, Portugal and are set to battle it out in a head-to-head competition at the EDP Kite Surf Pro Cascais World Championship Tour event, which kicks off tomorrow, June 1.

The event is being held at Guincho Beach, which holds the honor of being the KSP’s first-ever European tour stop. With Guincho’s strong winds and powerful beach break as well as the large stable of exciting, high-caliber international riders, the event is sure to deliver a feast of innovative aerial tricks and fierce competition. Fans are invited to watch the action unfold as it happens on the new and improved live-stream feed at : http://www.kspworldtour.com/


“Guincho’s side-on shore wind and beach break reflects the ‘real world’ conditions that many kite surfers experience at their local sites,” says Kristin Boese, KSP’s President and Tour Manager. “Watching the athletes ride here over the last few days I am sure that the fans will get to see an amazing show and may just get a few tips and tricks and motivation out of it to try some of the onshore manouvers themselves.” Organizers chose to hold the competition from June 1-10 since spring swells and early summer winds coincide in early June.

“The density of talent at this event is truly astounding,” says Sky Solbach, KSP’s Vice President, who will be on-air commentating during the event. “There won’t be any easy heats. Expect to see really good top-to-bottom surfing and hacks, but what’s going to separate the competition is progressive aerial maneuvers, like air reverses, alley-oops, and air 360s.”

Competitors, KSP staff and fans alike have been warmly welcomed by the City of Cascais, one of the event’s primary partners. The event’s primary industry sponsor is Best Kiteboarding, which calls Cascais and Guincho its home for the development of their equipment.

“KSP wishes to extend our deep gratitude to all the organizers and sponsors of this event, including EDP, the City of Cascais, Best Kiteboarding, Nissan, TMN, MEO, Telepizza and Buondi as well as national media partners RFM and RTP. This event is possible thanks to their support and generosity, which we truly appreciate,” says Boese.

Riders participating in the EDP Kite Surf Pro Cascais are:

Female riders:

Ines Correia (POR)

Marie Gautron (FRA)

Kristin Boese (GER)

Melissa Gil (USA)

Ninja Bichler (GER)

Jalou Langeree (NED)

Milla Ferreira (BRA)

Kirsty Jones (GBR)

Kari Schibevaag (NOR)

Maria Celina Guardati (ARG)

Ainhoa Garcia (ESP)

Suzanne Kuiper (NED – Alternate Rider)

Male riders:

Airton Cozzolino (ITA)

Mitu Monteiro (CPV)

Guilly Brandao (BRA)

Mauricio Pedreira (BRA)

Sky Solbach (USA)

Juan Pablo Diban (CHI)

Patri McLaughlin (HI)

Keahi de Aboitiz (AUS)

Marciel Lopes Almeida (CPV)

Luke McGillewie (RSA)

Etienne Lhote (FRA)

Lee Harvey (GBR)

Mark Moore (CAN)

Abel Lago (ESP)

Jakob Appel (DEN)

Cameron Biehl (USA)

Filippe Ferreira (BRA)

Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA)

Gonzalo Gomes (POR)

Pedro Henrique (BRA)

Jon Modica (USA – Alternate Rider)

Bastien Bollard (FRA – Alternate Rider)

Nuno Figuereido (POR – Local Wild Card)

Paulino Pereira (POR – Local Wild Card)



Cascais, Portugal – June 1, 2012: The names of the world’s top kite surfers have been drawn and the heats have been set for the EDP Kite Surf Pro Cascais World Championship Tour event, which kicks off today in Portugal.

As in the 2011 season, the KSP will be using a “double consolidation” elimination system, which has been specifically developed to give riders a second chance all the way to the quarter finals. With some high-caliber unseeded riders joining the slate of 2012 KSP tour riders, this elimination ladder will once again deliver a fair chance even to these riders with an unlucky draw.

“All the heats look difficult since there are a lot of really talented riders assembled here,” says Head Judge, Brad Price. “Some of the heats look especially challenging, like the second men’s heat which will see a face-off between the Brazilian 2006 ASP World Championship Tour Surfer Pedro Henrique Menezes, fellow Brazilian Filippe Ferreira who placed 3rd at the 2011 Pacasmayo Kite Surf Pro Peru, and Australian kite phenomenon Keahi De Aboitiz. These guys are all incredible kite surfers and have such different styles – it’s going to be like splitting hairs.”

Due to light winds and small swell contest officials called a lay day for today. The forecast for the upcoming week looks promising and the competition will get under way as soon as conditions are contestable.

In time for its season kick-off, KSP today also announced the start of an online auction of the one-of-a-kind painting: “Azulejos do Mar” by internationally renowned French artist, Sylvain Rata. The auction will benefit The Blue Marine Foundation, a UK-based non-profit dedicated to the preservation and protection of oceans. Bidding is now officially open for the online auction at:


Rata has painted four original works for KSP, one for each of the KSP World Tour’s event locations. As the first in the four-painting series, Rata’s “Azulejos do Mar” captures the grace and beauty of kite surfing and the pristine beauty of Portugal’s Guincho Beach in Cascais, which is the site of the EDP Kite Surf Pro Cascais World Championship Tour event.

Of his generous and creative donation, Rata said: “This cause is one that is close to all of our hearts – anything that the ocean sport community can do to raise awareness and funds is important. I am honored to have my art that captures the spirit of the oceans, be used for such a worthwhile cause.” KSP President, Kristin Boese, adds: “As kite surfers, we’re intimately aware of the fragility of marine environments and the need to preserve them. We’re happy that the proceeds from the online auction of Rata’s spectacular ‘Azulejos do Mar’ will contribute toward realizing Blue Marine Foundation’s ocean preservation goal.”

The online auction of Rata’s painting “Azulojos do Mar” will take place now through June 14, 2012.



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