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Lay Day Called on Day Five and six // Strapless Kitesurfing

photo credit John Bilderback


Cascais, Portugal – June 5, 2012: Light winds compelled contest officials to call a lay day on day five of the EDP Kite Surf Pro Cascais World Championship Tour event. Forecast models call for increasing swell and wind as the week progresses.

As the first event of four of the KSP World Championship Tour, contest officials are waiting for conditions to improve before resuming Round One of the competition. Event organizers and competitors will meet again tomorrow at 11 A.M. Portugal time (UTC) to evaluate conditions and determine possible start times. To hear the next live call, log on to http://www.kspworldtour.com/index.php/live.html

Riders today took advantage of brief, variable mid-day winds to practice for upcoming heats. Among them was 2011 World Champion, Airton Cozzolino (Cape Verde/North), who warmed up for his showdown against Spanish wave champion, Abel Lago, and American Cameron Biehl.

“I was trying big bottom turns, air reverses, handle passes and air 360s, which I hope to try in my heat,” said Cozzolino. “Abel has competed so many times before and is really good in competition, so the heat will be challenging. I’ve never competed against Cameron, so I don’t know what he has in store but I’m sure it will be good. I really want to advance to go up against Keahi de Aboitiz (Australia/Cabrinha), Mitu Monteiro (Cape Verde/F-One) and Sebastian Ribeiro (Brazil) – competing against them will be difficult and interesting.”

When the competition gets underway again, men’s heat six will kick off the action with a faceoff between KSP World Championship Tour co-founder Sky Solbach (USA), 2010 Portuguese National Kite Surfing Champion, Nuno “Stru” Figueiredo, and 2011 Danish Wave Champion, Jakob Appel.


Photo credit John Bilderback


Cascais, Portugal – June 6, 2012: Low cloud cover suppressed the wind today at the EDP Kite Surf Pro Cascais World Championship Tour event, compelling officials to call the third consecutive lay day for the competition in Portugal.

Both the wind and swell have been forecasted to improve significantly tomorrow. The first of four stops on the 2012 KSP World Championship Tour, the competition enjoyed exhilarating action during the third day of the waiting period, and will recommence when conditions become contestable.

A new swell has already begun filling in and is expected to increase into the weekend. Competitors have been taking advantage of the improved wave conditions to surf and practice for their upcoming heats.

While the competition was on hold, children from the International Preparatory School Carcavelos visited the VIP room today to meet the star professional athletes on the KSP World Championship Tour and learn about kite surfing. Marciel “Matchu” Lopes Almeida (CBV/North Kiteboarding), Cameron Biehl (USA), and Mitu Monteiro (CBV/F-One) gave presentations to the group of enthralled kids. Many of the pros signed autographs on the childrens’ arms, hats and shoes, which the students proudly displayed as badges of honor. The drizzle didn’t dampen their enthusiasm – the kids also got a kite surfing demonstration on the beach.

Contest organizers and KSP World Championship Tour riders will reconvene tomorrow morning at 10 A.M. (Portugal time) to assess the conditions. To hear the call live, log on to http://www.kspworldtour.com/index.php/live.html






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