Tom Court in the Freeride Kingdom

In this video, I get my local crew together on the Isle of Wight and we head as far north in the UK as we can go, to Scotland. The mission was to chase the adventure and see what mother nature can provide. Chasing the storms along the Northern 500 we searched for the best free riding conditions, from pumping reef breaks, to wind swept shores or foilable inside runners… the area around Thurso surely delivered Scotland is a mythical land of amazing light, endless waves, massive storms and high winds, with the conditions changing every five minutes, its hard to even know what you are going to get.

However with all the best equipment for the jobs, from kitesurfing, to wing foiling, surfing or windsurfing, we where ready for a shreddy. The most amazing thing about a trip like this, is the sense of adventure that you get, without flying half way around the world, we where pushed to our limits and could not fault the conditions that we scored! On this staycation, there could be no complaints!

Over all we where only up there for about 5 days, but we scored everything possible in that time… returning south humbled, stoked and exhausted… it was undoubtedly the trip of the year!!

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