Manera – 79°NORTH

Sail with us to the 79th parallel north. Travel to Svalbard with the MANERA team and explore some of the northernmost spots on the planet. Surrounded by the Arctic wildlife, our riders journey from fjord to fjord, searching for wind, totally cut off from civilization.



Riders : Mallory De La Villemarqué, Paul Serin, Matt Maxwell, Mizo Fernando Novaes

Music : YEHEZKEL RAZ – A Journeys Epilogue – Artlist HALF MOON RUN – Warmest Regards – Awal FLAVIEN BERGER – « 999999999 » – (p) & © 2018 Pan European Recording / Reverie YEHEZKEL RAZ – Eleven Hours a Night by Odds – Artlist

Filmed by Olivier Sautet, Petole Films

Producer : Julien Salles Videographers : Olivier Sautet, Anthony Lietart

Photographer : Matt Georges

Voice Over : Pierre Maubouché

Copywriter : Christina Marmet

Art Director : Alizé Bode

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