Morocco Trip – Yves Baudoux – F-One

Yves Baudoux send us this report of his summer trip in Northern Morocco and particularly around Essaouira, the wind city.

Me and my small family, regularly go down to Morocco in summer for several years now.

The trip gives us the opportunity to enjoy the numerous surf spots and the legendary moroccan hopitality along the 800 km of coast of northern Morocco such as Rmilate (Asilah), Larache, Moulay Bousselham, Mehdia, Azemmour, Oualidia, Lalla Fatma … and  finally to find wind in the Essaouira zone.



The map below shows the main spots and many indications  around the wind city:

But for the surfkiting, it’s mainly in Essaouira, the place to be. The NE wind is quite strong and side to side-off along the coast.

The spots from North to South:

Moulay Bouzarktoune:

strong side wind and very tiny beach, rocky slab, excellent waves but in my opinion, it’s windsurfer’s place. … and Kitesurfing is not really legit there. But a bit downwind

Essaouira Beach:

Wind more irregular slightly off and more regular on the left of the spot. The waves are smaller than elsewhere but pretty and easy. This spot is a fallback option when the sailing conditions are too nasty on the other spots.

The action by Ismail Adarzane, F-One rider and kite instructor .

Diabet Second beach of Essaouira further south (in front of the golf course):

It is here that the wind is the most regular and side and the beach is big. Go down under the wind and there is no one left.

Sidi Kaouki (our home port):

Great beach where the wind is side-off and very very little kitesurf because of the wind side off but endless waves on 2.5 km.

Ismail Adarzane killing it few years ago in Sidi Kaouki.

Iftane beach: 10km of track and not easy to find but a splendid spot, the wind is side and waves consistent. You will be alone !!!

But also and above all, we enjoy the extraordinary welcome of Moroccans, always incredible and unforgettable .

A sneak peek of lifestyle and sailing condition in Morcco by Yves Baudoux.