Product video of the Luke’s Leaf: Your advanced freestyle monster

The Luke’s Leaf is a no-nonsense freestyle kiteboard design From Appletree surfboards. Small, loose, easy to rotate and perfect for those big airs.

Advanced riders will love this freestyle killer.. The Luke’s Leaf will need a bit of kite-power to get going. The small template and high rocker give less upward pressure than other boards.

However Advanced riders will love the response and pop the Luke’s Leaf provides.

There is quite a bit of hidden volume in the Luke’s Leaf, so you can ride it very short. The idea is to make the board light so it travels with you through the air.

The boards profile makes it very strong. A thicker middle section and the lack of channels give the board more strength.

So there is no need to worry if your big air landings are not yet consistently smooth.

The board feels very reliable under feet and the almost identical outline of the tail and nose makes landing reverse very easy. Speaking of the nose, this is thinned out and underneath it hides quite a bit of bottom rocker to prevent the board from nose diving.