Applino V2 – Appletree’s advanced strapless kiteboard

Meet The Applino V2 from Appletree Surfboards. Designed to match Paulino Pereira’s style of strapless kitesurfing as much as possible. Best for kiting in the waves or performing strapless freestyle tricks in flat water.

The single center channel on the bottom, right between the feet, increases the board upwind ability by reducing the rocker in the middle of the board. Making the board more user friendly.
When carving, the board follows the rail line which still has quite a bit of rocker, to allow for tight turns in the pocket.

Another unique feature is the double grab rail. The Applino V2 now has grab rails on both the deck AND the bottom of the board. This gives an even better grip when doing board-off freestyle tricks.
The rocker is moderate to high. With a single concave running into a V behind the front fins. All there to make the board loose and snappy while maintaining control.

The Applino V2 is thin throughout with a slightly wider outline compared to a more traditional Klokhouse Noseless. This makes the rail bite a bit more so you can really put pressure on the board when initiating a jump. The wider front gives you an easier landing area.

The Applino V2 comes with a thruster fin setup. We advise combining the Applino V2 with a Pivot style thruster fin.

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